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Full Service Household Contents Liquidations

A Los Angeles Family Estate Sale Service

For over three generations the Novotny family has liquidated complete household contents. William M and his father William R opened Novotny Antiques in 1979. William M. opened a full service estate sale service in Los Angeles with his wife Shauna in 1990. In 1999 Willim M retired from the antique business to focus on estate sales and appraisals. William "Bryan", his son, joined him in 2008 and soon became an appraiser. Beginning in 2018 William M. retired from estate sales to focus on appraisals, He continues to participate part-time as a consultant. The Los Angeles Novotny family full service household contents liquidations estate sale service continues to be provided by William "Bryan"  Novotny. Bryan Novotny will competently and ethically provide you with the professional services you seek. For full service household contents liquidations call now 626-377-7257

No values in doubt! Bryan finds out! Realize your reasonable expectations.

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What is meant by "Appraised Estate Sale"?

Estate sales are priced not valued, but when priced by an appraiser, the  methods and techniques used by appraisers can be applied to the pricing process to ensure the asking prices are relevant to "market value" and "fair". 

William M. continues to assist Bryan in pricing Novotny Estate Sales, and to help identify rare and valuable objects possibly lurking in drawers, closets and  cabinets etc.  There may be treasures of all types unknown to the family, that frequently go undetected, mispriced and mishandled by uninformed estate sale agents. Such objects could benefit from consignment at an alternative national or international market which would be more appropriate and profitable.

How to Choose a Competent & Ethical Estate Sale Agent

There are no governmental entities that screen estate sale agents. In California there are no state or local license requirements for estate sale agents. There are no long established professional estate sale associations to provide training and testing and to establish minimum experience requirements and ethical and performance standards that must be met for accredited membership. When full service household contents liquidations are needed be careful and choose your estate agent carefully. CONTACT Novotny Estate Sales to discuss your appraised estate sale  needs and to choose a competent & ethical estate sale agent. Call 626-377-7257 Now!

Need a Personal Property Appraisal Only?

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More About a Novotny Appraised Estate Sale.

Full Service Estate Sale Management

Appraised Estate Sale Services

  • Based on years of buying, selling, consigning, and appraising
  • Knowledgable most object types
  • Pricing based on market value 
  • Consideration of consignment to a competing market (for rare objects)
  • Advertising & estate sale signs
  • Staging and organizing
  • Cashiers & support personnel provided
  • Careful attention to security
  • Prompt financial accounting and reporting of sales results

Novotny Appraised Estate Sale: Experience, Professionalism and Integrity - prime objectives!

Experience & Professionalism

  • Family antique stores 1979 to 1999
  • Conducted estate sales from 1990
  • Well trained in appraisal services
  • Extensive  mailing list of collectors and dealers
  • Advanced training and study in antiques and collectibles      
  • Effective merchandising and advertising
  • Competent, honest and ethical 
  • Fair and knowledgeable pricing
  • Courteous, friendly, professional 
  • Fast reconciliation of sales proceeds

Hire Bryan as Consultant - Not as Agent. Pay hourly wage, not commission

Bryan can help a person in charge of the sale on an hourly basis as a consultant:

  • No sales commission-hourly fee only 
  • You produce the sale, pay fees, provide staff etc. assisted by Bryan 
  • He will provide exception sales skills and under your direction as needed:
  • Advertise and promote the sale.
  • Make, place and take down signs
  • Organize and display your goods.
  • Secure valuable properties.
  • Control entry, flow and exit.
  • Manage unsold properties.
  • Provide a "clean out" after sale

Your home is the perfect place for your total liquidation of residential contents.

Is your objective the total liquidation of residential contents?  Consider this: Your residential contents, including antiques, furniture, collectibles, fine art, rugs and decorative objects look best in the home setting for which they were chosen. If you consign your personal property to auction your property will be moved to a large commercial setting that charges you drayage for the moving. Your things will get mixed in with objects owned by others which may include tired,  dealer stock and less desirable objects which may cause your property to loose their appeal, specialness and value. Small objects may be offered in box lots sold to highest bidder. At an estate sale box lots are chosen by buyers that want each item and willing to pay a fair price.

It's a big decision and important to get it right. Call now to discuss Novotny Appraised Estate Sale

It is important for Novotny Appraised Estate Sale to determine how best to serve your needs and priorities during the liquidation sale. Bryan will carefully and completely evaluate your liquidation needs, objectives and priorities.  The  process proceeds best through communication and mutual understanding. We need to understand which  objects are important to you to retain if fair market value cannot not be attained. Tell us the lowest acceptable offer for objects to be retained. We will protect you.

Once we are on the same page you can walk away with confidence. Unburden yourself! Leave the hard work and difficult decisions to us. 

Call Bryan Now 626-377-7257

No values in doubt! Bryan finds out! 

Realize your reasonable expectations.

About Wm "Bryan" Novotny

As a young man William "Bryan" Novotny began studying personal property appraisals and assisting his father, William M.,  part time for many years with research and analyses for active appraisals. He took appraisal courses at the College for Appraisers, including the minimum standards of appraisal practice  (USPAP) with which he is current. He took  Theory, Methods and Practice courses and speciality courses such as furniture etc. He conducts  independent study. 

Bryan also provides complete residential clean out services to broom swept condition sufficient to meet typical escrow conditions. The clean out often entails cleaning attics, exterior storage, garages, under porches, rafters, hazardous chemicals, rubbish and large item  pickup, arranging dumpsters, recycling electronics and metals etc.

Contact Us Now for an "Appraised Estate Sale"!

An appraised estate sale seeks the highest value while seeking a total liquidation of your goods.

It is up to you, the consignor, to determine and communicate your estate sale liquidation needs and priorities. It is up to Novotny's Appraised Estates Sale Services to determine how best to fulfill your needs and priorities during the liquidation. The liquidation process proceeds best through careful communication. Consider these questions:

  1. Are you seeking total liquidation or the attainment of highest value?
  2. What is your time frame and final deadline?

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